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I'm Kirsty, 20 and Scottish.

Tumblr is my little recluse from this mad world; it's where I can put my thoughts and feelings into pictures and poems and not feel crazy afterwards.

As of tomorrow my family say goodbye to this house. It’s always a bit sad when you move house but for me this is different. This has been my gran’s house for the past twenty eight years. She’s seen many changes over the years in this house: her kids moving out and getting married, taking in and caring for her mother-in-law and her husband, my grandpa when they were ill, she’s also seen her six grandchildren growing up around here. As the oldest of the grandchildren I’ve spent more time here than the others, that may be why I’m finding this move of my gran’s difficult. I’ve lived in three different houses but one thing that’s remained a constant is spending time at my gran’s house. I have a ton of great memories in this home, more than anywhere else: I’ve spent every Christmas or New Year in this house, my grandpa taught me to ride a bike in the fields behind the house, our first family pet lived here. I could go on and on. One thing’s for sure, the memories made here will never be replaced. In saying goodbye to this house we have a door closing, with my gran coming to live with us at our home it’s clear that another door opens and a new chapter begins. I hope the next owners get to create as many great memories as we have been able to. ❤️🏠

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A first grade teacher’s last day turned into a heartfelt surprise party full of students past & present. 

It’s because of teachers like Ms Flexer that make me so eager to get into the teaching profession. Having that sort of impact on students’ lives and the admiration she received from her students is truly remarkable.