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I'm Kirsty, 20 and Scottish.

Tumblr is my little recluse from this mad world; it's where I can put my thoughts and feelings into pictures and poems and not feel crazy afterwards.




A first grade teacher’s last day turned into a heartfelt surprise party full of students past & present. 

It’s because of teachers like Ms Flexer that make me so eager to get into the teaching profession. Having that sort of impact on students’ lives and the admiration she received from her students is truly remarkable.

18. September 2014

Just made what is undoubtedly the biggest political decision of my life. To those who have voted and are unsure whether you made the right decision, no matter what the outcome is tomorrow know that whichever decision you made was NOT the wrong one. Both had positive arguments for their case and I for one will admit that I was extremely undecided until this week as to which way I was going to vote. Whatever the outcome of this referendum is we need to come together and build a brighter future for our country.

18. September 2014

I haven’t really commented on the referendum and haven’t really voiced my decision as to what I will end up voting. What I will say though is that no matter what the outcome is I’m delighted to see the amount of interest it’s generated over the past two and a half years. Usually politics is a very apathetic topic that no one really likes to talk about. Thanks to this referendum everyone has an opinion on it. Even those who are unable to vote, the 12 and 13 year olds have an opinion and that to me is fantastic because it’s getting the younger generation interested in politics. If there is one positive thing we can take away from this (other than the decision itself) hopefully it is to inspire the younger generation to get involved in politics and stop this apathetic nature we seem to have adopted in recent years.


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